MHSC Women’s Clinic offers new service


ROCK SPRINGS — Memorial Hospital of Sweetwater County has added a new service at its Women’s Clinic.

Every pregnant patient will now meet with a nurse and get information on recommended diet, physician’s appointments and other material related to pregnancy. The nurse also will review health history and previous pregnancies.

“This is part of a new, more cohesive direction at the Women’s Clinic,” said MHSC Registered Nurse Mariah Pacheco. “It’s important when a patient is ready to deliver, that all of the information gathered during the pregnancy is available. The obstetrics nurses and physicians will have all of the information they need to provide better care during delivery.”

The nurse/physician collaboration will be beneficial in planning a personalized plan of care for each patient. An ultrasound also will be scheduled during the patient’s first physician visit.

For more information, contact the MHSC Women’s Clinic at 307-352-8383.

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