Two clinics, two locations


Memorial Hospital of Sweetwater County – more than 500 people at three locations to help you meet your health care needs.

That’s a lot to take in, particularly when MHSC has two separate clinics. Let’s break it down:

Medical Office & Physician Clinic

The building at 1180 College Drive, which is attached to the hospital, includes a wide array of clinics.

Chief among them is Sweetwater Regional Cancer Center with Medical Oncologist Dr. Jad Wakim and Radiation Oncologist Dr. Zachary Nicholas.

The Women’s Health and Ob/Gyn Clinic includes Drs. Preet Grewal, Samer Kattan, Wagner Veronese and Jeffery Wheeler.

Pediatrics: Drs. Alan Brown and Amanda Bird Gilmartin.

General Surgery: Drs. Brianne Crofts, Chad Franks and Augusto Jamias.

ENT and Allergy: Drs. Sigsbee Duck and David Liu.

Orthopedics: Drs. Jacques Denker and Joseph Oliver.

Pulmonology: Dr. Pritam Neupane

Nephrology: Dr. Rahul Pawar

Urology: Drs. Cody Christensen and Wallace Curry

Family Medicine and Occupational Medicine

The clinics at 3000 College Drive offer a wealth of health care knowledge. Here are the providers in each specialty.

Family Medicine: Drs. Michael Bowers, David Dansie, Jacob Johnson, Lawrence Lauridsen and Brytton Long, and PA-Cs Amy Dolce, Melissa Lehman and Mark Sanders.

Occupational Medicine: Drs. Jacob Johnson, Lawrence Lauridsen and Brytton Long, and PA-Cs Amy Dolce and Mark Sanders.

Internal Medicine: Coming in November, Dr. Israel M. Stewart.

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