Addiction Medicine Clinic

Addiction is not a social choice or a symptom of weak mind or character. Addiction is a medical disease that affects more than 22 million people in the US.

It rips people’s  lives apart, destroys relationships, families, jobs and careers, and makes criminals out of good people. Worse yet, the stigma against addiction prevents most from seeking the help they need. Memorial Hospital’s Addiction Medicine program doesn’t believe in stigmas. We’re here to help the community we love. Our new addiction specialist, Dr. Elina Chernyak, is here and ready to give you the help you need, with the respect, privacy and compassion you deserve. Please - believe in recovery. Reclaim and restore your life

Our Addiction Medicine Program offers:
- Diagnostic Evaluation
- Detoxification
- Inpatient Services
- Outpatient Services

Schedule a consultation with our Addiction Team by calling 307-352-8125.