Dr. William V. Pryich Healing Garden

A tribute to Dr. Pryich and all physicians and healthcare staff who have dedicated their life’s work to the art of healing and caring.

The healing qualities and therapeutic role of nature has been valued for centuries and plays a key role in medicine today. A Healing Garden is a natural space designed in a healing setting that creates a calmness that helps to make people feel better. Studies have found that healing or restorative gardens in a hospital setting can reduce the need for pain medication, reduce the length of hospital stays and improve the attitudes and perceptions among patients, guests, and employees. The goal of a healing garden is to make people feel safe, less stressed, more comfortable and even invigorated. Healing Gardens nurture the spirit while patients receive treatment. Nature heals the heart and soul, things that doctors cannot treat. That is what the Healing Garden is all about.

The Memorial Hospital Foundation’s Dr. Pryich Healing Garden provides several memorial/tribute opportunities including engraved bricks, tree, plaques, and benches. 

View the Dr. Pryich Healing Garden Brochure for the various memorial/tribute opportunities.

 For details on memorial giving opportunities in the Dr. Pryich Healing Garden, or any questions, contact the Foundation at 307-352-8234 or email tgrosvenor@sweetwatermemorial.com