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Person-Centered Care

Proud To Be a Planetree Hospital

Planetree initiatives and development of person-centered care culture assists us in improving person-centered care and our overall patient experience at Memorial Hospital of Sweetwater County.

Patient experience is the responsibility of everyone employed by, on the Medical Staff of, or contracted with MHSC. Engagement in patient experience activities and training is an expectation while working at MHSC.

Planetree is a non-profit group founded by a patient, working with MHSC to create an even more person-centered environment.

Memorial Hospital of Sweetwater County integrates concepts from Planetree and is focused on fostering a culture of person-centered care where patients, families, and staff consistently experience quality, compassion, and partnership.

Planetree utilizes five Primary Drivers to create an effective and lasting culture of person-centered care. The Primary Drivers are expected to be practiced at all levels within the organization when interacting with patients and families.

Planetree has developed its criteria based on decades of observing and fine-tuning best practices in person-centered care. These criteria serve as goalposts for designing MHSC care initiatives and benchmarks to measure it against after implementation – cultivating a culture of continuous improvement and consistently orienting care around patients, families, and communities.

  • Create organizational structures that promote engagement
  • Connect values, strategies, and action
  • Implement practices that promote partnership
  • Know what matters
  • Use evidence to drive improvement

While becoming certified as a Planetree Person-Centered Care Center is no small feat, the results include:

  • Healthier, happier patients, and staff
  • Higher patient experience scores
  • A reputation for excellence

Those results are well worth the effort.