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Patient & Family Advisory Council

Recognizing the Power of Partnership

Memorial Hospital of Sweetwater County offers a Patient and Family Advisory Council because we recognize the power of partnership with patients and families. We believe the voice of the patients and family members must be included in decisions and plans that affect you. We want and need your help in guiding our work and achieving goals together.

The mission of Memorial Hospital of Sweetwater County is to provide compassionate care for every life we touch. The goal of the Patient and Family Advisory Council is a commitment to advancing person-centered care at MHSC and to work together to resolve challenges around access, communication, and service with the aim of improving and enhancing the care provided to all patients and their families. We are dedicated to improving the patient and family experience of care.

We invite patients and family members to participate in monthly Patient and Family Advisory Council dinner meetings and tours.

We are looking for people who are:

  • Committed, reliable, trustworthy and believe your investment of time can make a difference
  • Willing to share your MHSC stories and also think beyond your own personal experiences
  • Comfortable partnering with many types of healthcare professionals and other patients
  • Good listeners who respect other opinions and perspectives
  • Will bring a positive, solution-oriented attitude to discussions
  • Will keep any information heard as an advisor private and confidential

We hope you are one of the people who will join us on this exciting journey.

For more information, contact Cindy Nelson, Patient Experience Coordinator and Executive Assistant, at (307) 352-8412 or