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  • Harold K. Memorial Hospital of Sweetwater County

    "A BIG BIG RAVE for the medical services provided in Rock Springs. I'm 75 and I'm dealing with some issues that a lot of guys in their 70s deal with. I'm at the end of nine weeks of treatment and I can honestly say I couldn't be more pleased with the care I've received. I wouldn't trade my Urologist, my Radiation Oncologist, their technicians, their nurses, or their receptionists for any of these individuals anywhere. I guess I don't understand why so many people want to run to Salt Lake every time they have a medical issue. We have great medical services right here, and it's so nice to go back home after a treatment instead of heading to a motel. And of course, a 200-mile drive back home. If your condition requires services that can't be provided here, I'm sure you'd be sent to Utah. Again, a big rave to Memorial Hospital of Sweetwater County and their associated medical personnel. For any future medical issues, I'll always start right here in Rock Springs with total confidence."

  • Gary P. Memorial Hospital of Sweetwater County

    "In 2021, I visited the hospital three times for serious problems. I am very happy with the care I have gotten. The professional attitude was great. I just want to say I'm thankful for what they have done for me."

  • Madison C. Obstetrics & Women's Health of Sweetwater Memorial

    "I can’t recommend Dr. (Samer) Kattan more. He has always gone above and beyond for me. I have high anxiety about all kinds of stuff and he walks me through everything. He is and will always be my go to."

  • Lacy O. Obstetrics & Women's Health of Sweetwater Memorial

    "The labor and delivery department at Sweetwater Memorial is excellent. They have a lot of knowledgeable nurses who have been around for a long time and really know what they are doing. On top of that, they are always friendly and helpful."

  • Tiffany A. Pediatric Clinic of Sweetwater Memorial

    "Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Tammy Walker is awesome. My kiddo has special needs. Tammy is so knowledgeable and kind, and works with him so well. She remembers him and what works well for him during appointments. She is super funny and listens well."

  • Shaunnah S. Obstetrics & Women's Health of Sweetwater Memorial

    "I love Starla Leete. She manages a few things for me. She has helped me so much. I like her style. She isn’t gonna sugar coat it, and she is gonna tell you what you need to hear and not what you want to hear. She is by far one of the most thorough people I have ever been to. She has always listened to my long-winded complaints. She helped me get my thyroid medication back and lose 90 pounds. My polycystic ovary syndrome is dormant for the most part, and my A1C is normal. I feel human again thanks to her."