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Intensive Care

Patient- and Family-Focused Care

The Intensive Care Unit is a patient- and family-focused unit where care is provided for acutely ill medical and surgical patients across the age spectrum.

A mix of highly qualified nursing personnel including registered nurses, certified nursing assistants and unit secretaries work as a coordinated team with physicians of different specialties, including an intensivist or a critical care physician, who is a doctor specifically trained to care for severely sick patients, usually on life support measures.

Patient- and family-centered care focuses on coordinating plans of care with patients, their families, ancillary departments, doctors, and other facilities; working to achieve the goals of recovery for the patient or transitioning the patient to services where the patient's goals can be accomplished; working toward preventing complications; providing a healing environment; and caring for the patients and families with the intention of achieving the best possible outcomes.

The ICU Team provides continual assessment of their patients from admission through discharge, provides all aspects of hemodynamic monitoring, administers medications, implements new diagnoses, provides discharge education for patients and their families, and are attuned to preventing complications and responding to “intense” patient needs.

Visiting hours are around the clock for families & friends by checking in at the nurses' station.

Contact: Julia Kershisnik-Sweedler, Director of Acute Care Services, Med/Surg & ICU
Phone: 307-352-8115
Fax: 307-352-5339