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Pay Your Bill

MHSC's new electronic medical record system not only provides a patient-friendly health record portal, it makes it easier to pay your hospital bill(s) online. In an effort to make a smooth transition from our current system, we are able to offer the community a substantial savings on current balances.

There are several ways to pay:
Mail: Send in the discounted payment with your statement
Credit Card: Call 307-352-8406 to pay by credit card
Online: Scroll down and click on the appropriate link

MHSC currently offers online bill pay for separate hospital, clinic, or orthopedic physician invoices. If services were rendered prior to April 18, 2022, please select one of three options below to pay your bill online.

Bills for services prior to April 18, 2022

Pay Off Your Bill & Save

If you have a self-pay balance with the hospital or any of its Specialty Clinics for services prior to April 18, 2022, you can realize big savings if you reduce your balance to ZERO with this limited-time offer. The sooner your balance is paid off, the bigger the savings.

Pay off by May 31 – get 50% off
Pay off by June 30 – get 40% off
Pay off by July 31 – get 30% off
Pay off by August 31 – get 20% off

Questions? Call 307-352-8406. Let us help you save some money.

To get started, select the type of bill you would like to pay below:



Orthopedic Physician

Bills for services April 18, 2022, to present

Services rendered beginning April 18, 2022

Beginning April 18, 2022, the hospital has ONE Bill Pay link combining all of its services. This new link continues to exclude payment options for University of Utah, Advanced Medical Imaging or other contracted services.

Pay Your Bill