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Patient Financial Services

A healthcare visit can sometimes result in separate bills for different services. We understand that can be confusing.

Sweetwater Memorial now sends out one bill for hospital services, clinic services and orthopedic services. Statements for Emergency Department services are sent via University of Utah Health. Statements for the radiologist’s services are sent via Advanced Medical Imaging.

There are several ways to pay your MHSC bill:
Mail: Send in the discounted payment with your statement
Credit Card: Call 307-352-8406 to pay by credit card
Online: Click on Pay Your Bill

Click here to find out more about our Patient Financial Navigation Program.

As part of your hospital service, Sweetwater Memorial will submit a claim to your insurance company or entitlement program for your care. After your claim has been paid, or if your insurance company does not reimburse the hospital in a timely manner, the balance of the account becomes your responsibility. Your hospitalization coverage is an agreement between your insurance company and yourself. Hospital personnel will fully cooperate in expediting your insurance claims. However, you are ultimately responsible for the resolution of your hospital accounts.

If you have limited or no insurance coverage, we encourage you to contact Patient Financial Services at 307-352-8548 as soon as possible so we can assist you in making payment arrangements and provide you with information about the medical assistance program that is available at MHSC.

Please note, our bill does not include your attending physician's fee. These charges will be billed directly to you by the physician.

Click here for information on Your Rights and Protections Against Surprise Medical Bills.

Health Cost Estimator

Navigating the insurance coverage process can be stressful. The Patient Cost Estimator is here to help ease your stress. Knowing the estimated cost of a needed procedure, test or treatment helps strengthen your financial planning goals.

Click here for the Health Cost Estimator

Can't see the button? Click or copy and paste this link:

Please note: the health cost calculator works best in the Google Chrome web browser.

Our Health Cost Estimator can help you:

  • Decide on procedures that fit your needs, medically and financially.
  • Learn about out-of-pocket costs after insurance.
  • When comparing prices with other networks and providers.

This information is a best estimate based on the information we currently have available at the time of the request. It is not a guarantee of what the patient will be charged.

In many cases, it is impossible to predict the final charges that will result from your services. There are many variables involved in the actual services, such as the length of time spent in surgery or recovery, specific equipment used, supplies and medications required, additional tests ordered by the physician, or any unusual special care or unexpected conditions or complications that may occur during the course of service.

WHA Hospital Pricing

Wyoming Hospital Association offers basic, facility-specific information about services and charges at various Wyoming Hospitals. For the WHA pricing tool, click here.

Patient Price Information List

In compliance with federal law, Memorial Hospital of Sweetwater County is providing this price list – a chargemaster – containing our charges for room and board, emergency department, operating room and other procedures. The hospital’s charges are the same for all patients, but each patient’s responsibility may vary, depending on payment plans negotiated with individual health insurers. Uninsured or under-insured patients should consult with our billing staff to determine whether they qualify for our medical assistance program.

This price list was last updated Oct. 15, 2022.

  • To download the Excel spreadsheet, 836000295_MemorialHospitalofSweetwaterCounty_standardcharges, click here.