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Occupational Medicine

Work-Related Injuries and Illnesses

In our continued effort to better serve our community industries and keep local workers safe, Memorial Hospital of Sweetwater County offers an outreach medical service through its Occupational Medicine Clinic. A wide variety of preventive measures target physicals, job-specific programs and progressive ways to keep your workers healthy. The goal in offering Occupational Medical services is to follow gold standards of care in effective and efficient treatment of work-related impairments, injuries, and illnesses.

As a team, our skilled and reliable providers collaborate in a comprehensive focused approach that involves functional, medical, and psychological capacities of the injured worker. With a specific training in MSHA and OSHA rules and regulations, our providers understand the need to return workers to duty in a safe and timely manner. Our back-to-work and stay-at-work philosophy optimizes patient care and productivity, resulting in increased quality and service.


If you’d like more information on what we can do for you and your workplace, contact Clinic Director Leslie Taylor at 307-212-7522.
Fax: 307-352-5351

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