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Visitation Policies

The hospital’s the main doors remain closed to the public. Please enter the hospital through the Emergency Room entrance or the main entrance of the Specialty Clinics. We apologize for any inconvenience.

No potted plants allowed

Potted plants or latex balloons will not be delivered to patients or staff in patient care areas. If delivered, they will either be turned away or left with the Emergency Room door monitor for the patient or staff member to pick up on their way out of the building.

We apologize for the inconvenience. If you have questions, call Infection Prevention Director Noreen Hove at 307-352-8561.

Masks Required

MASKS ARE STILL REQUIRED: The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention require everyone entering the hospital and medical centers to wear a mask. This includes Sweetwater Memorial and all of its facilities: The Specialty Clinics of Sweetwater Memorial at 1180 College Drive and the Family & Occupational Medicine Clinics and Sweetwater Walk-In Clinic at 3000 College Drive.

Visitation & Restrictions

As of March 8, 2022

Some visitor restrictions remain in effect at Memorial Hospital of Sweetwater County.

Visitors 18 and older – two at a time – are allowed on the medical/surgical floor, in the Intensive Care Unit, in Obstetrics, and in the Emergency Department. Exceptions include ER visitation, which requires that the two visitors remain the same throughout the patient’s care in ER; and COVID-19 patients, in which no visitors are allowed.

Visitor Screening:

Visitors will continue to be screened for COVID-19.

  • Only visitors 18 and older are allowed, unless the individual is the parent of a pediatric patient.
  • COVID-19 positive patients: NO VISITORS are allowed.
  • Upon entering the building, temperature will be taken and must be below 100°. If temperature is 100 or above the visitor will not be allowed to enter the facility.
  • If a visitor has COVID-19 symptoms, they will not be allowed to enter the hospital.
  • Visitors MUST wear a well-secured surgical mask that covers the nose, mouth, and tracheostomy site (if applicable).
  • All visitors are asked to maintain a distance of 6 feet or more when possible.
  • Visitors must remain in the patient’s room. No loitering in the hallway, waiting rooms, or nurse’s station.
  • Stricter policies may be enforced in other areas, such as Oncology.

Failure to comply may result in removal from the facility.