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Memorial Hospital Foundation receives $5,000 donation from the Williams Co.

Rock Springs – The Memorial Hospital Foundation received a thoughtful donation of $5,000 from the Williams Foundation to support the Rehabilitation Department, the Care Transition Program, and the Foundation’s 6th Annual Red Tie Gala.
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Pete Torres, manager of operations of the Overland Pass Pipeline for the Williams Co., explained during a recent site visit that it’s important to him to make sure the hospital is supported by the community. “We know that the hospital has many needs to take care of our community and we want to help in any way that we can. Williams is all about energizing and helping communities that we are in.”

Through this donation, he asked for the Foundation to purchase a new seat for one of the seated elliptical machines in the Cardiac and Pulmonary Rehab Department, costing approximately $400, providing $2,100 to the Care Transition Program, and $2,500 to the Red Tie Gala, which will be applied to the Foundation’s Greatest Needs Fund.

“We really appreciate Williams’ continued support of the Cardiac and Pulmonary Rehab Department for providing funding for a new seat. This new seat allows easier access to the machine and a more comfortable experience for our patients,” said Stephanie Welsh, the department’s exercise specialist.

Accepting the donation for the Care Transition Program, Care Transition Nurse Patty O’Lexey added “this is a really special donation to our program because it will help our patients take accountability for their recovery and we’ll be able to provide some key tools to assist them.” The funding from this donation will enhance the Care Transition Program by providing weight scales, pulse oximeters, blood pressure monitors and educational material based on the patient’s needs.

“Williams has been a great supporter of our hospital and Foundation over the past few years. Their contributions and support in helping us provide updated equipment and funding for initiatives really shows how they support the health of our community,” said Foundation Executive Director Tiffany Marshall. Marshall went on to explain that in the past three years, Williams Corp. has donated a new treadmill to the Cardiac and Rehab Department and has been a key sponsor of the Foundation’s annual Red Tie Gala.

For more information on how to donate to the Memorial Hospital Foundation, how to be a volunteer or information on the Foundation’s Red Tie Gala, contact Tiffany Marshall at (307) 352-8234.