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Cancer Center honored with $4,000 donation

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  • Written By: Tiffany Marshall, Hospital Foundation Director
Cancer Center honored with $4,000 donation

The Fraternal Order of the Eagles honored the Sweetwater Regional Cancer Center with a generous $4,000 donation at their meeting on March 10, 2020.

“I think it’s important to continue to support our local cancer center as much as we can and we are happy to continue our support,” explained Don Munoz, the Fraternal Order of the Eagles’ President. Mr. Munoz went on to explain that they are still fundraising for the cancer center and would be presenting another donation once their fundraising efforts ended.

“We are so grateful to the Eagles for their generous donation. They have demonstrated amazing community support through their efforts to raise money for our local cancer center. It means the world to us and our patients”, noted Tasha Harris, the Administrative Director of the Cancer Center.

The thoughtful donation will be added to the Memorial Hospital Foundation’s Cancer Fund which is used to fund equipment needs exclusively for the Sweetwater Regional Cancer Center. Previous purchases made from this fund include zero gravity IV poles to improve patient safety and mobility, stationary chemotherapy pumps to increase treatment availability, and portable chemotherapy pumps and pouches to improve patient treatment options.

“Every donation that we receive for the Sweetwater Regional Cancer Center is truly appreciated and helps with meeting the needs of our patients and the community. We are extremely thankful to the Eagles for keeping our cancer center and patients in mind through choosing the Sweetwater Regional Cancer Center as an organization they support,” explained Tiffany Marshall, Executive Director of the Foundation.

The Sweetwater Regional Cancer Center is a full-service cancer center that includes both Medical Oncology and Radiation Oncology, as well as an array of additional services. The Center recently celebrated its five-year anniversary and is constantly working to increase services and resources for patients and their families within Sweetwater County and the surrounding areas. Recently, the Center implemented a navigation and survivorship program that offers guidance, support, education, and continuous care throughout the treatment and post- treatment journey.

Currently in the works is a wellness program to help encourage patients and community members to eat healthy, exercise, and learn about cancer prevention, screenings and overall wellness.

For more information on the Sweetwater Regional Cancer Center, please visit To learn more about the Memorial Hospital Foundation and ways to get involved, visit or call the Foundation at 307-352-8234.