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Meet the Team: Crystal DeLancy

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  • Written By: Deb Sutton, Sweetwater Memorial PIO
Meet the Team: Crystal DeLancy

Meet the Team: Crystal DeLancy, Housekeeping Department

Crystal DeLancy has been a member of Sweetwater Memorial’s team for the past seven years.

DeLancy, along with the entire Environmental Services Department, continues to be busy with cleaning and disinfecting the hospital and its clinics night and day. Their efficiency and attention to detail is greatly appreciated.

She enjoys her job in the Environmental Services Department because it gives her “great pleasure to know that what I am doing is going to benefit the patients, their family, and my fellow employees.”

“I know that I am making a clean space for them.” It allows them to interact with others and not worry about contacting a “bug,” she said.

She can be found mopping floors, dusting walls and cleaning commodes in various sites around the hospital. And, yes, she does do windows.

However, her main job is keeping the obstetrics unit spotless.

“It’s my job to create a sterile environment for our newest citizens,” she said. “I have met some wonderful families and infants along the way. It’s neat to hear the little cries and sounds from the new babies. It’s an honor to be there because it’s such a very personal area.”

That’s why it’s important to be compassionate, she said.

“Something I say may be the first kind word or act that someone has encountered that day,” said DeLancy, who has lived in Rock Springs for 16 years. “It may make them feel good enough to spread the joy … to the next person that they come into contact with. It’s like planting a seed and watching it grow into something beautiful.”

DeLancy said helping people is one of her passions. She has been involved in the past with organizations such as the Fraternal Order of Eagles, because of the help they provide to the community.

She also works part-time as a cashier at Home Depot helping people with their home project needs.

“I make sure they have all the items they need to complete their projects,” DeLancy said. “There’s nothing worse than getting in the middle of a project and realizing you don’t have enough material. I try to make sure they have everything they need.”

She spends her free time working on craft projects and enjoying the flowers in her yard, or looking for new ones to plant. She quilts by hand, a talent she gained from both of her grandmothers.

“We would visit my grandmother in Oklahoma,” DeLancy said. “She had an 8-by-12 trailer. It was small for quilting, but she did it.

“We would visit my other grandma on the other side of the state during school breaks. I would love to watch her on the treadle machine. It was fascinating. She could make a Western shirt in three hours.”

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