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Meet the Team: David Beltran

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  • Written By: Deb Sutton, Sweetwater Memorial PIO
Meet the Team: David Beltran

Meet the Team: David Beltran,
Security Director and Emergency Management Coordinator

David Beltran has worked at Memorial Hospital of Sweetwater County the longest of any of our more than 500 employees.

In July, he will have worked at the hospital for 41 years. Beltran is the hospital’s Security Director and its Emergency Management Coordinator. He also oversees the behavioral health department.

“I get great satisfaction in being in a role in which I can make a small difference in someone’s life,” he said. “I believe I was gifted with dealing with difficult people and having the physical capabilities to handle challenges I have faced.”

Good human relations and communication skills are necessary. This is especially true as Emergency Management Coordinator. Ensuring that the hospital is prepared to deal with all types of emergencies that may come our way keeps Beltran on his toes.

“I like to think I provide good guidelines for our staff, our Emergency Management Committee and our community partners,” Beltran said. “I take satisfaction in knowing I am able to assist our community partners in being prepared for disasters.

“I also like helping to improve relationships with our municipal partners,” he said. “I was informed once at the state level that our hospital is one of the best prepared for emergencies in the state.

“I’m fortunate to make a living doing something I find challenging and inspiring. Simply working here all these years makes me happy. I take pride in all of my duties. I enjoy coming to work every day.

“I have a job that can be complex and challenging,” Beltran said. “I work with people who are intelligent, fun and responsible. Our leaders actually work toward our vision and are dedicated to our mission.”

In this line of work, Beltran said it’s imperative to have empathy and compassion.

“We live in a complex society,” he said. “That requires us to be sensitive to patient care and needs. I like being part of a team that fixes problems and deals with people facing adversity. I want our patients to be able to leave our facility and know they were well taken care of.”

Beltran, who lives in Rock Springs, is an avid angler and hunter. He enjoys riding his motorcycle and mountain pedal bike. He plays a mean game of golf and knows his way around the barbecue grill and his kitchen.

He also loves to travel and explore.

“Many years ago, I explored places in the deep mountains of Mexico that few Americans have seen. Looking for gold, I came across old Spanish conquistador mine ruins.”

He’s now getting back to one of his first loves – coaching baseball. He previously coached varsity baseball for 12 years. And, years ago, he played minor league baseball in the Southern Pacific Coast League in California.

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