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Meet the Team: Jessica Rost

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  • Written By: Deb Sutton, Sweetwater Memorial Public Information Officer
Meet the Team: Jessica Rost

Jessica Rost, Admitting Specialist IIMeet the Team: Jessica Rost, Admitting Specialist II

If you’ve checked in for an appointment in the hospital’s Radiology Department, you might recognize Jessica Rost.

She’s been an Admitting Specialist II for Sweetwater Memorial for the past 5 years; and she loves it.

“It’s hard to narrow down one thing I like about my job,” she said. “I truly think it’s a combination of two things – the great patients and the camaraderie that they have with me and McKenna (Leach, another admitting specialist in radiology).

“Our patients make us feel like we are not really working at a job,” Rost said. “It is more like hanging out with your buds for eight hours, and different friends keep dropping by to visit.”

Rost is one of those people who, when you check in at her desk, she truly is interested in everything you have to say. It is her hope that patients remember her in a positive light.

“If a patient is sharing with me a piece of themselves, I will reciprocate so they know someone genuinely cares,” she said.

She does her best to brighten their day.

“I have always lived by the saying ‘laughter is the best medicine.’ So, I always try to make my patients laugh or at least smile.”

That type of involvement and personal investment carries through in every part of her life.

“I really like to read. But let’s be honest, I spend most of my free time cooking (yes, I still cook dinner every night), doing laundry, paying bills, and anything else my family can drum up to keep me busy,” she said. “I do love it, and wouldn’t change it.

“And, the secret’s out. I love to play bingo on my Kindle,” she said. “I have four different bingo games on that crazy Kindle, and I play every single one of them every night before bed. It’s my decompression time. “

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