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For Health Insurance in Wyoming, Try Enroll Wyoming

For Health Insurance in Wyoming, Try Enroll Wyoming

Need Health Insurance in Wyoming? Try Enroll Wyoming

If you’re interested in healthcare, you’re likely looking for affordable health insurance. Fortunately, you don’t have to figure out insurance on your own. Enroll Wyoming is a free program that can help connect you to the insurance program you need, at a price you can afford.

“Enroll Wyoming helps you find solutions to your personal health coverage needs,” said Caleb Smith, Marketing Director of Enroll Wyoming. “There’s no cost to talk to us, and we don’t have sales quotas or work for an insurance company. We just help you review your options and make informed decisions on what best suits you.”

Wyoming Health Insurance Fits Your Budget

Serving individuals and families, Enroll Wyoming’s Navigators walk you through the insurance enrollment process. Along the way, they answer your questions and help you avoid mistakes. Because they don’t work for an insurance company, Navigators don’t try to sell any specific plan or specific company. Their goal is to simply help you understand your options and access affordable care.

Smith said that some qualify for free insurance on the Marketplace, and “about three out of four people qualify for plans that only cost $50 per month.”

These Marketplace plans cover essential services, such as:

This low-cost insurance is possible due to tax credits and cost-saving programs. When you come to Enroll Wyoming, your Navigator teaches you about credits, cost-saving programs, and community resources that help you find insurance that fits your budget.

Insurance for All

In the past, there was no guarantee you could qualify for health insurance in Wyoming. Insurance companies could deny coverage if you had diabetes, heart disease, or another chronic disease. However, new laws require insurers provide health care coverage for anyone and everyone, even if you already have health conditions.

This requirement covers all plans available through the Marketplace as well. They’re available no matter what health conditions you have, and your insurance will cost the same amount.

Whether your best choice is Medicare, Medicaid, or a Marketplace option, Enroll Wyoming Navigators point you in the right direction to move toward better health.

Understanding the Process

Using Enroll Wyoming is a simple process. First, you schedule your free appointment with Angela M. Thatcher, PhD, Southwest Region Navigator.

As the meeting begins, you will be asked a few basic questions. These help confirm your identity and give our Navigator an idea of what savings you’re eligible to receive.

Thatcher will then ask about your prescription medications, medical providers you see on a regular basis, and other questions. Your answers will help find the insurance that best fits your needs. They also help uncover more discounts to lower your cost of health insurance in Wyoming.

Throughout the meeting, you can ask any questions you have. Topics to ask about may include:

  • Difference between your copay and deductible
  • Health savings accounts
  • Meeting your out-of-pocket maximum
  • Risks of uninsured or under-insured

By the time your meeting ends, you’ll get enrolled in the insurance plan of your choice — or you may not. It’s up to you.

“People don’t have to make a decision during our appointment,” Smith said. “They can complete their application on their own or schedule a follow-up appointment on another day to do it with us. The final choice is completely up to the individual or family.”

Either way, you’ll know your options and the meaning of words used when talking about insurance. You’ll have a clear understanding of community resources that can lower your insurance cost. And you’ll have the confidence to enroll in the insurance option that meets your needs.

The Time Is Now

While insurance is a year-round need, enrollment periods are limited. Most people sign up for coverage through the Health Insurance Marketplace between November 1, 2022, and January 15, 2023. This timeframe is commonly called open enrollment. explains that some people are eligible to enroll outside of open enrollment. Reasons you may be eligible include the following life events:

  • Becoming a U.S. citizen
  • Birthing or adopting a child
  • Death of a loved one on your Marketplace plan
  • Finishing a time of incarceration
  • Getting married or divorced
  • Loss of insurance due to unemployment or other cause
  • Moving to the U.S. or to a new ZIP code or county

Getting Wyoming Health Insurance

If you’re ready to understand your insurance options and get your medical expenses under control, Enroll Wyoming is here to help. With an office space at Memorial Hospital of Sweetwater County, they’re also easy to find.

With a single meeting, you can learn about your insurance choices, get empowered to choose an appropriate insurance option, and take a big step toward improved health. It all starts with a visit with Angela Thatcher and Enroll Wyoming.

“At Enroll Wyoming, the people we serve are our neighbors, and we treat them with respect and understanding,” Smith said. “We want people to feel better and be better. Together, we’re striving to improve our community by aiding one individual or family at a time.”

Take the first step toward low-cost health coverage by calling or emailing Angela Thatcher, Southwest Region Navigator today or learn more about Enroll Wyoming.