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Health on the Go: What Our Patient Portal Can Do for You

Health on the Go: What Our Patient Portal Can Do for You

Health on the Go: What Our Patient Portal Can Do for You

Your smartphone helps you do a lot — it helps you wake up, keep up with your friends, manage your finances, remember to pick up toothpaste from the store, and navigate you to new places. It can also help you manage your health.

Memorial Hospital of Sweetwater County’s new, easy-to-use patient portal, HealtheLife, connects you with your healthcare providers and important health information wherever you have a cell signal or Wi-Fi.

6 Things the Patient Portal Can Do

“The patient portal is an online application where patients can view their health information and communicate with their healthcare team,” said Jodi Corley, CAHIMS, Clinic Systems Analyst/Informatics at MHSC. “Patients can set up an account and then log in and view their health information at any time. This provides patients with timely access to their medical results and empowers them to be more involved in their health care.”

Once you create an account, you can use your patient portal account to:

  1. Access lab and imaging results
  2. Request prescription refills
  3. Request an in-person appointment with your healthcare provider
  4. Have a virtual telehealth visit with your provider
  5. Send your provider secure messages
  6. Pay your bills

Digital access also makes it easier for parents and caregivers to manage a child’s or loved one’s health.

“Parents can set up access to their minor child’s portal with one account so multiple logins aren’t needed,” Corley said. “Patients can also allow other family members or caregivers access to their portal when assisting with their health care.

Seamless, Secure Access at Your Fingertips

The HealtheLife portal allows you to manage your care, regardless of which MHSC provider or clinic you visit. The information is also secure, although Corley recommends keeping your login information safe.

“We previously had three separate patient portals that did not talk to each other,” Corley said. “Due to our migration from several different electronic medical records to a single one, we now have one unified patient portal where patients can access their hospital and clinic records all in one place.”

Beyond serving as a single place to view all your health records, the patient portal may help you feel more satisfied with your care. Research suggests that patients who use portals and other forms of electronic communication are more engaged in their care and may have better overall health outcomes.

How to Sign up and Log In

Your health information will need to be entered into our new electronic medical record system at your next visit. Once you provide that during registration, you will receive a registration email with a link to create your account. You can also sign up online if you’d prefer to sign up before your appointment.

“Patients should reach out to their provider if they have questions about their results or if they see anything in their portal that looks incorrect,” Corley said. “The portal is just one more tool patients have to help them work side by side with their provider to ensure that they have the best outcome possible.”

Create an account today so you can use the portal at your next visit. If you have any questions, call 307-352-8420.