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Rise and Shine: Ideas for a Healthy Morning Routine

Rise and Shine: Ideas for a Healthy Morning Routine

Rise and Shine: Ideas for a Healthy Morning Routine

Already on your third cup of coffee this morning? All that caffeine may help you get going, but is there a better way to start off your day? A healthy morning routine can make a difference.

Establishing a morning routine will do more than simply help you have a good morning. Starting your day with healthy, familiar steps offers a number of benefits, including better sleep, increased energy, enhanced productivity, and a more positive mood.

Beginning your day with a morning routine can help the rest of the day fall into place. Wondering where to begin? Keep reading to get the details.

How to Get Your Day Started on the Right Foot

A morning routine doesn’t need to be complicated to be effective. In fact, the very act of having a routine — a set of morning habits — is beneficial.

Think about it: When you were younger, you probably had bedtime and morning routines. Those routines help you establish a familiar rhythm to how your day ends and how it begins.

It can have the same effect for you as an adult. If you’d like some ideas for what to include in a morning routine, we have a few suggestions:

  • Approach your alarm clock differently. If you normally start your day by hitting snooze several times, you may want to change up the alarm clock you’re using or change how you’re using it. Look for an alarm clock that uses gradual light changes to awaken you instead of jarring sounds or make yourself work harder to hit the snooze button by putting the alarm across the room.
  • Drink a glass of water first thing. Drinking water is an important part of staying hydrated, and drinking water after you awaken can help you start the day feeling your best.
  • Follow your water with a healthy breakfast. A cup of coffee isn’t enough. Serve yourself a breakfast that includes healthy carbs like veggies or fruit, some lean protein, and a small amount of healthy fat, such as avocado or peanut butter. This combination will keep you feeling full longer, keeping you energized until lunchtime.
  • Make morning movement a priority. Wake yourself up by heading outside for a morning workout. When you move your body, it will give you renewed energy and help stabilize your mood. There’s an added benefit of taking your workout outside — exposing your body to the morning sun can help you wake up.
  • Create a care routine. Are you a shower or bath person? No matter what your preference, you can make it part of a soothing morning routine. Don’t rush through; use pampering products that smell and feel good on your skin. Your morning routine can also include self-care, such as a few minutes of meditation or time spent with a good book.

Your morning routine is yours alone, so it may not look anything like a friend’s routine, which is totally fine. It should be about what helps you get started on the right foot.

Tried all these tricks and still feel sluggish midway through your days? An underlying condition could be to blame. Find a provider who can help.