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Meet the New General Surgeon: An Interview With Dr. Kyle Hoffman

Meet the New General Surgeon: An Interview With Dr. Kyle Hoffman

Meet the New General Surgeon: An Interview With Dr. Kyle Hoffman

In September 2023, board-certified general surgeon Dr. Kyle Hoffman, became the third general surgeon at Memorial Hospital of Sweetwater County. Keep reading to learn more about him, including what drew him to medicine, why he chose MHSC and more.

Talk a little about yourself. Where are you from?

I grew up in Huntsville, Alabama. In high school, I moved to Vermont to play hockey. I then attended Birmingham-Southern College and earned my medical degree at the University of Alabama School of Medicine.

During medical school, I met my wife, Dr. May Poundstone. She was also in medical school and is an adult and pediatric hospitalist at MHSC.

What drew you to medicine?

I had a medical issue, which sparked some interest in the medical field. In college, I majored in chemistry and knew I wanted to go into medicine but really wasn’t sure what area would interest me.

In medical school, on my general surgery rotation, I was able to assist with an emergency operation for a gunshot wound and that piqued my interest in general surgery. Once I saw the breadth of the specialty, and the variety of operations done, I was sold.

Do you focus on any specific areas of general surgery?

I feel I have the biggest impact on two areas: swallowing/reflux surgery and colon cancer.

Patients with reflux have trouble eating and daily discomfort, and they often sleep poorly. Surgery brings relief and improves their quality of life.

With colon cancer, the right surgery makes all the difference. New technology allows more precision in tight areas, which helps provide better results.

What sparked your interest in robotic surgery?

The da Vinci Robotic Surgical System allows me to work in tight and sometimes difficult spaces with good visualization and smaller incisions. In essence, the robot lets me do the work of two surgeons. It gives me four arms instead of two.

The robot allows me to perform less-invasive surgery, which leads to faster recovery and fewer complications for patients. This tool is a huge asset to smaller communities, and I’m excited to use it here.

A lot of people think the robot does the work, but that isn’t the case. The robot is a tool, a high-tech assistant that does only what the surgeon directs it to do.

Why did you choose MHSC?

My wife and I were interested in working in a smaller town, and we wanted to move west. We picked MSHC because of their partnerships and their flexibility, as well as the great local community and access to surrounding areas. I was excited to join a surgical practice with two experienced surgeons, Dr. Brianne Cofts and Dr. Augusto Jamias.

How do you maintain a healthy work-life balance?

Now that my wife and I are both out of school, this is much easier, and both of us working at MHSC helps a lot. Also, living in the small town of Rock Springs provides a refreshing, laid-back lifestyle.

Southeast Wyoming offers a wide variety of recreational opportunities. I still enjoy playing hockey, but access to the Flaming Gorge Reservoir and Jackson Hole keep us busy when we’re away from work.

Need general surgery services? Call 307-352-8192 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Hoffman.

Pictured are Dr. Kyle Hoffman and wife Dr. May Poundstone, MD.