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Radiation Oncology

Radiology MachineMembers of the Radiation Oncology team are highly skilled and caring professionals. Our team works in collaboration with various departments at the hospital and in the community to provide excellent, comprehensive patient care throughout the continuum of cancer treatment.

The Radiation Oncologist will consult with patients referred through various medical providers to explore effective treatment options and develop an optimal plan of care.

Our advanced radiation therapy equipment is used to treat specific types of cancer in a precise, effective manner based on an individualized treatment plan designed specifically for each patient.

The Radiation Oncology department’s top-of-the-line equipment includes, a large bore CT scanner that is used for the most accurate treatment planning possible, and a Varian linear accelerator that is capable of performing the most up-to-date treatments for common cancers and medical conditions that require radiation therapy. In addition, Sweetwater Regional Cancer Center offers treatments using the Protura robotic couch that improves delivery of radiation to within millimeter accuracy. For more information on how radiation oncology can help:

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